Demonstrate your ability to manifest reality.

- Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC

We make your Vision to Reality!!

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Motivation: Spark of passion or drive

Management: Focusing that passion on execution

Service: Making that vision become reality

Institute: An organization founded to help leaders and individuals live fulfilled lives


Who is The MMS Worldwide Institute?



Our Mission

MMS inspires and guides people to discover their authentic selves, to connect with and respect others, to work and live in a productive, focused, harmonious, and respectful manner.

Our Philosophy

When you are free to choose the life you want to live—that includes: your profession, your life partner, your home, your lifestyle, and all aspects of your health—the MMS team of experienced and professional coaches facilitate you in discovering what you want, formulating your strategy, and manifesting your visions, dreams, and goals.

Our Assumptions

  1. People have their own answers within themselves
    2. People possess the power to manifest their answers
    3. People can have their lives be the way they want them to be

Who We Are

  • Organizational Development Management Consultants
    • Executive ICF Coaches
    • #1 NY Times bestselling books in 40 languages
    • Authors of 17 published books
    • Agents facilitating change for organizations and individuals
    • Trainers, presenters, professional speakers, coaches
    • Licensors of Intellectual Property and the “MMS Process”

What We Do

  • Coach leaders and executives
  • Train individuals to become professional
  • Facilitate Organizational Change
    • Assist in the creation of visions
    • Align employees toward the same goal
    • Facilitate buy-in with Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Empower, enliven, and enlighten individuals and organizations
    • License trainers
  • Help you design your life!

The MMS Worldwide Institute is a value-driven global organization that operates on three continents and works with all facets of the individual. MMS combines many seemingly paradoxical elements such as the practical and the metaphysical, the rational and the intuitive, the strategic and the systemic, along with the simple and yet complex. Through anchored visioning, encouragement to align with one’s authentic inner compass, supportive confrontation, and structured accountability, the results produced are truly profound.

MMS honors these core values: accountability, authenticity, balance, choice, collaboration, communication, community, excellence, honesty, integrity, openness, quality, respect, responsibility, trust, and willingness. We encourage these principles, we teach others how to embody them, and we do our best to live and teach by example each and every day of our lives.

Our purpose is to create a world in which individuals honor themselves, trust their choices, and fulfill their visions, dreams, and goals… to make the seemingly impossible happen! We support leaders, executives, and managers in humanizing the workplace so that employees can grow, align with others in creating extraordinary results that exceed quotas, and make the world a better place. This may sound lofty, but we have been doing this successfully for more than four decades.

We have conducted our professional trainings in corporations along with process facilitation in Fortune 500 companies in the US and abroad. We have worked in a plethora of industries including: Accounting, Banking, Beauty, Education, Finance, Food and Beverage, Health and Wellness, Healthcare, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Publishing, Resorts, and Telecommunications. We use a combination of OD consulting, executive coaching, and creative curriculum design, along with custom designed workshops to ensure the results for our clients. The client comments indicate that all of our clients have had their expectations exceeded. We are indefatigable with our client commitment, and our unconditional money-back guarantee has never been optioned. Our track record stands for excellence; results are produced, teams are aligned, and the bottom-line resonates with success!


Our role is to be a catalyst, allowing our clients to discover the answers to the challenges they face. We create the optimum climate for them to feel safe, to discover their desires, and to have permission to envision, articulate, and realize extraordinary innovative solutions.

Whether you want to start with a company project like creating a coaching culture, you want to experience a two-day experiential transformational workshop like Inner Negotiation, or you want to have a one hour individual session with one of our exceptional executive coaches, we will support you in choosing what is right for you…and your organization.

When you meet with one of our MMS Worldwide Institute Ambassadors (in a complimentary session), to determine your vision and approach, the next steps will become clear to you. We will then support you in trusting your inner compass and taking the journey at your pace, in your location, within your budget so you feel in control of the entire process.

We partner with you in a creative and solution-oriented manner to support you in fulfilling your potential, both personal and professional. We assist you to achieve win-win outcomes by working with all facets: mind, feelings, being, intellect, intuition, and interpersonal aspects.

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