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Coach Training Comments

Read what our coaches have to say about their coach training:


Johannes van Veen, PhD

Senior consultant & academic director of the Masterprogramme of Public Information Management

The MMS Coach Training and Master Class have significantly enhanced my confidence in initiating
transformational processes, both with clients and students. By being better able to connect and to
support them in our professional field which is ICT in the public sector. The MMS work has greatly
improved my effectiveness as a coach, management consultant and teacher. “



Douglas Grobbe

Managing Director Special Projects

Leadership has been my focal point for years and I have been searching for the quintessential training for others and myself. The MMS Coach Training followed by the Master class and the methodology going forward is by far the best leadership training I have been through in my 36 years of working life. The MMS trainings has positively changed my life. “


Vitawat Kasenvudhi


MMS Coach Training has been beyond my expectations. It was a journey
into oneself through a path that has been unchartered. It is a path of selfdiscovery
as well as solidifying the path that has been opened up. “


Gregor Schmalz

Germany / Bangkok

I took MMS Coach Training in summer 2014. MMS Coach Training did not only match,
but exceeded my expectations. As a former Senior Manager and Executive you preach
constantly change with a high impact on the most important asset a company has, its
MMS Coach Training put me on an inner journey in which I discovered the challenges of
change, the importance of my true feelings and the true power of commitment, being
connected and the beauty of helping others to fulfill their own potential. The MMS
Coach Training is of extraordinary value for both my private and professional life and it
is a “must-do” for any newcomer to the coaching field. ”


Marc Padberg

The Netherlands
Former BCG employee

MMS and Cherie work from a place of deep empathy and understanding of the business context. The MMS Coach Training is one of the most empowering experiences I have been through in my life: it freed me from limiting mindsets and opened up a potential in me that I had been unconscious about up to that moment. It created a foundation for trusting my inner knowing that has been guiding me ever since. Cherie is a masterful and transformational coach – she is wholly committed to serving the growth of others and is a champion in calling forth that growth. “


Karel Bakkes


The MMS Coach Training has assisted me in creating and attaining my personal and
professional objectives. Practically, the MMS Coach Training has been especially
valuable in my approach to clients. The Coach Training Method in building authentic
relationships. In addition, The MMS Coach approach improves listen skills with the
ability to hear client’s needs and assisting them in making their future financial
Thanks for all your support! “


Chief Dan Quinn

Retired US Army National Guard

We introduced the MMS Coach Training process to provide a better means to connect to the members of our organization.

Over this past year, it is evident that our team of ten MMS coaches have assisted our mentors, to supervise and lead others better in the performance of their job duties. In addition, better choices have been made in the areas of job retention, (members choosing to continue service vs. quitting), enhanced relationships that could otherwise effect work productivity, achievement of academic / training pursuits, and overall better focus on both personal and professional life.

All of our MMS Coach Training graduates would strongly agree that the value we received goes well beyond the tuition paid. My biggest triumph is that our people know that we care about them individually and through their willingness to utilize the MMS coaching process in the workplace trust has been restored. “


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