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Vietnamese Partners Our partners Doan Huynh Van Anh, PCC (licensee) in HCMC, Vietnam recently shared: Becoming a full time coach in Vietnam, where only a few of 90 million people of the country population understand what Coaching is, is an interesting journey. In 2012, there were no books in Vietnamese about Coaching. I read as many books as possible in English and then practiced

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Awareness means that you are connected with yourself. It is the art of being fully present in the moment. When you are aware, you pay full attention to what is happening, and you’re mindful of what is going on both within you and around you. To the degree that you are connected to yourself, noticing what you want, allowing

The power of Wanting

Posted by Jennifer Kalkhoven on October 3, 2017
Category: Personal growth

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When you want something – really want it – there is an internal hit that goes off inside you that responds “yes.” That impulse is as strong when you are five years old reaching for a toy as it is when you are fifty reaching for your dream home. The energy that is unleashed in that moment

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Posted by Jennifer Kalkhoven on January 3, 2016
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Journey to the Next Level

Posted by Jennifer Kalkhoven on December 14, 2015
Category: Uncategorized

Do your remember how you felt after your Inner Negotiation Workshop or the MMS Coach Training? Do you remember the plans you made for your future? Is it time for you to make more of your dreams come true? Then the Journey to the Next Level might be just the right program for you.

During this program you will be supported to stay connected with yourself, your feelings and your objectives. You

Your Purpose in Attending the MMS Transformational Executive Coach Training (TECT)

1. You want the best training on earth!

2. You want to become the best coach you can possibility be

3. You discover your ability to coach as your essential self

4. You unblock your potential to serve and support others

5. You develop your authentic self from the inside out

6. You

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