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- Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC

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Journey to the Next Level

Do your remember how you felt after your Inner Negotiation Workshop or the MMS Coach Training? Do you remember the plans you made for your future? Is it time for you to make more of your dreams come true? Then the Journey to the Next Level might be just the right program for you.

During this program you will be supported to stay connected with yourself, your feelings and your objectives. You will move between exploring, seeing boundaries, growing and accepting. Listen to your own answers, make your choices and commitments based on your objectives. Take charge and realize your dreams  

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Date:           March 11th, June 10 and October 28th of 2016
Location:    de Droomfabriek, Radio Kootwijk

Tuition:       For 1/2/3 days € 750/1.400/1.965 (private) and € 875/1.650/2.375 (excluding VAT for business clients)

For more information contact:

Caroline Wamsteker
Tel: +31 (6) 24 71 62 78

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