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Medical Coaching Institute

Medical Coaching Institute in Santa Barbara, CA USA!
Begins June 1st 2016 = On-line Component
October 17th – 21th 2016 = In-person Training

What is Medical Coaching?

Medical Coaching is a unique emotional and mental coaching process. It supports individuals in not only coping with a medical crisis or condition but also assists them creating or recreating mental and emotional wellbeing as a way of life. The process enables clients to develop their own mechanisms for the medical change in their lives producing empowerment coupled with their own self-fulfillment. Ultimately, medical coaching institute purpose is for the client to gain personal insights then take action to enable them to flourish and find happiness and wellbeing.

How can you find out more about Medical Coaching Institute?

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Here the link to the proposed dates:

How can I register?

Please complete the Application form on this link.

A one-on-one interview with Shiri, the Master Trainer will be scheduled in order to align expectations.

After the interview, they will instruct you how to finalize your registration and arrange payment.

Download the Medical Coaching Course Syllabus here.

Training details:

Medical Coaching Institute and Course in Santa Barbara, California

The first of its kind in the US!!!

For additional details please contact: Evelin Kluger-Kadish at

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