Demonstrate your ability to manifest reality.

- Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC

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MMS Coach Training: What we offer

You can view all our Global Upcoming Programs and Events for 2017 here.

Download our complete Course Catalog in *.pdf format, or review a list of our courses below.

MMS Professional Trainings

Coach Training
Master Class
Advanced Coach Training
Original Coach Training
The MMS Way
Partnership, Coaching, and Mediation
Building Community
Become One

MMS Personal Development Courses

Inner Negotiation Workshop
Living the Process Continuum
Young Inner Negotiation Workshop
Teen Inner Negotiation Workshop
Self-Empowering Course
Personal Financial Mastery Course
Relationship Course
I Love My Body Course
New Beginnings for Mothers
Motivating and Managing Your Teen

MMS Corporate Processes

Customer Satisfaction
Employee Owned Change™
Teambuilding Process
Employee Engagement

Course Samples are available upon request.To view sample courses, email

Rules Book Seminars

If Life is a Game, These Are the Rules
If Love is a Game, These Are the Rules
If Success is a Game, These Are the Rules
If High School is a Game, Here’s How to Break the Rules
The Gift of Motherhood
If Growing Older is a Game, These are the Rules (Dutch language only)

Negaholics Seminars

Corporate Negaholics
Personal Negaholics

Corporate Programs

Consultative Sales
Interviewing Skills
Leadership Skills
Performance Appraisal
Presentation Skills
Self Management
Stress Management
Termination and Exit Interview
Women in Leadership
Working in Harmony
Legendary Customer Service
Relationship Based Feedback
Coaching Skills
Goal Setting
Change Management
Communication & Conflict Resolution
How to Deal with Problems in a Positive Way
Talent Acquisition
Delegating for Growth and Optimum Performance
Client Communication
Effective Negotiation Skills
How to Run Successful Meetings
Managing Subordinates
Profiling Entrepreneurs for Success
New Beginnings
Performance Coaching
Purpose Coaching
Career Coaching

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