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MMS Female Leadership

The MMS Female Leadership Program is a 2-day program aimed at the leadership development of female talent and personal empowerment within professional organizations.

The main objectives are:

  • To help women leaders understand the forces affecting their careers
  • To make choices from personal power
  • To use power and influence more effectively
  • To experience greater self-confidence
  • To overcome biases/political game
  • To be empowered to work more effectively towards business goals

The participants of the FLP will conclude their program with a Personal Leadership Development Plan containing motivations, ambitions and actions. To secure the effectiveness of the program, as a follow-up the participants will be coached individually.

With the MMS Female Leadership Program the organization offers female talent a unique and goal-oriented chance to empower as leaders. The organization will create a group of women leaders who have chosen for the organization from within, who are motivated, focused and want to make a difference.

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