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- Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC

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MMS Coach Training

The Original and Oldest on Earth!

Since 1974

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March 9, 2017

Baarn, The Netherlands

MMS ICF Coach Training 125 hours ACTP

March 10, 2017

Bangkok, Thailand

MMS ICF Coach Training 60 hours ACSTH in THAI

March 21, 2017

California, USA

MMS ICF Coach Training 60 hours ACSTH

March 31, 2017

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

MMS ICF Coach Training 60 hours ACSTH

May 8, 2017

Budapest, Hungary

MMS ICF Coach Training 60 hours ACSTH

June 16, 2017

Bangkok, Thailand

MMS ICF Coach Training 125 hours ACSTH

June 23, 2017

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

MMS ICF Coach Training 60 hours ACSTH

September 9, 2017

Baarn, The Netherlands

MMS ICF Coach Training 125 hours ACTP

September 21, 2017


MMS ICF Coach Training 60 hours ACSTH

September 29, 2017

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

MMS ICF Coach Training 60 hours ACSTH

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MMS Worldwide Institute

The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV is one of the only worldwide Coach Training organizations that works with all facets of the individual, mind, feelings, being, intellect, intuition, interpersonal, spiritual, and financial.

MMSWI helps people discover their authentic selves, connect and respect others and their choices, and work and live in a productive, focused, harmonious and respectful manner.

MMSWI honors these core values: integrity, honesty, respect, authenticity, collaboration, trust, willingness, choice, alignment, quality, communication, responsibility, inclusion, transparency, community, and accountability. We encourage these principles, we teach others how to embody them, and we do our best to live by example each and every day in all of our practices, both personal and professional.

MMSWI focuses on the development of the “self,” the alignment of the “self” with it’s core values, and the purposeful combination of key energies, elements, and entities to make seemingly impossible results happen consistently.

Why Choose MMS Coach Training

We are the original and oldest Coaching Training on Earth – #1 since 1974

Guaranteed 125 and 60 ICF Accredited hours of Transformational Executive Coach Training

Coaching Industry originated from us:

  • Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, MCC the “Mother of Coaching”started the Coaching Industry in San Francisco in 1974
  • She has over 10,000 hours of coaching
  • Her credentials include #1 New York Times bestsellingauthor of If Life is a Game, These are the Ruleswith 18 booksin print in 40 countries
  • Her credentials include New York Times #1 bestselling author with 18 books in print in 40 countries.
  • Designed over 500 programs for global corporations

We have world class trainers: 2 MCCs, PCCswith over 100 years of combined coaching experience

Coaching provided in English, Dutch, German, French, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese as per your preference

We provide the (Virtual Training) with (74-5 minute modules = 5 hours of 24/7 accessible training)

We offer post MMS Coach Training support options–with mentoring and supervision in coaching

We provide 10 hours of mentoring, three intensive “LAB” weekends along with six individual feedbacksessions

MMS is the first Executive Producer of the coaching documentary movie titled, “LEAP” with Dr. Chériebeing featuredin the film

We have a strongglobal brand and have been delivering MMS Coach Training since 1974

Our corporate clients:Cigna Healthcare, KPMG, Webster University, Prudential, J&J, Thai Bev, Unilever, Hay Group, P-PAC, ABN-AMRO, RABO Bank, ING, RBS, Verizon, McKinsey, MGM Resorts, US Air National Guard,Island Ziekenhuis, Delloitte,Philips, Aberkyn, Coast Valley Properties, AIMMS, Adnovate, DSM, BCG, Chevron and many others

100%of our MMS Coach Training graduates pass the ICF CKA Exam.

#1 Since 1974

MMS Features

Trust yourself and your intuition

Gain self-confidence & interpersonal skills

Become an effective listener

Ask open-ended discovery questions

Develop your core skills and beliefs

Stay in balance and set your boundaries

Eliminate blocks from your life

Transform from the inside out

Discover your blindspots

Quiet the mind from unconscious chatter

Listen to your inner guidance

Differentiate between mind chatter and inner guidance

Develop Mindfulness

Say “No”

Stand up and communicate your needs and requests

Acknowledge and nurture yourself

In addition to embracing:

  • The ICF Core Competencies
  • The MMS Core Competencies
  • The MMS coaching approach

Gaining effective coaching skills in three months

Telling the difference between Choice and Decision

Knowing what is appropriate and acceptable in coaching

Increasing your level of service to another

Enhancing your visibility and image as a coach

Having a broader outreach in the coaching industry

Enhancing personal and professional success and happiness

Starting coaching immediately

Building a conscious community with like-minded/spirited people

Having fun and affirming life with others who share your values!

and much more…

The MMS Coach Training is the most valuable training I’ve taken in my life.
I have made back my investment more than 10 times in just a few months

Eddie Moore, MMS Coach Training graduate, Bangkok, Thailand.

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