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Our MMS Licensing Partners in Vietnam

Vietnamese Partners

Our partners Doan Huynh Van Anh, PCC (licensee) in HCMC, Vietnam recently shared:

Becoming a full time coach in Vietnam, where only a few of 90 million people of the country population understand what Coaching is, is an interesting journey.

In 2012, there were no books in Vietnamese about Coaching. I read as many books as possible in English and then practiced coaching accordingly. I even took an ACSTH program to get a certified training document to coach people. After 2 years, I found something missing, both in my coaching sessions with clients and my personal life. I wished to find that missing piece so much that I looked everywhere in Asia for a great Coach to learn from. That was the moment I found out about MMS and enrolled in the ACTP program in Bangkok.

After 3 months flying back and forth between Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok to experience the best Coach Training in the world from MMS, Dr Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC, coach Lynn U. Stewart, MCC and coach Michael Pomije,PCC my life started to transform. It changed professionally, financially, emotionally and even romantically. Everything worked out so well that even now looking back, I still feel the amazement of those changes. Then I thought of the fact that not so many people could afford financially and time-wise to be coached by and learn from MMS Team. I took my courage in both hands to ask for support from Dr. Carter-Scott, that I would do my best to gather those called to coaching in Vietnam so she could fly to Vietnam to train coaches once or twice a year. Magically, she accepted. Our first program was in July 2015.

It’s a privilege for LCV to be the licensee who was passed the torch from MMS to develop transformational coaches in Vietnam, a country where Coaching is just an infant that needs a lot of nursing and nurturing. That’s why every participant to our MMS Coach Training is a treasure found since they were Coached and they are now committed to coaching as a profession.



We at LCV have the honour of having Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott and Coach Michael Pomije train people to become brilliant coaches for the fifth time in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in July 2017.

Throughout the program, personal lives were touched, tears were shed, laughter was shared, secrets were revealed and issues were resolved. Participants move on from misery to happiness, from normal days to meaningful moments, from good to great. Friendships were formed among the precious hearts who share the same goals of supporting others’ lives becoming transformed. The 10 participants walked out of the program as delighted individuals. They feel whole as themselves with the opportunity to live their dream lives. Four of the graduates decided to be part-time coaches in order to give back to others while the other six are focusing their coaching skills on their personal and professional lives.

MMS has been training coaches since 1974, LCV has been a licensee for three years, yet every time an MMS Coach Training program closes, we still find the experience profound and transformative. It reinforces our mission to bring the best out of people. It validates our belief in the ripple effect of spreading sustainable development of people, even in a country that finds Coaching as new as  Vietnam.

Our next program starts on Sep 29, 2017. We cannot wait to continue embarking on the journey of making a difference in people’s lives partnering with MMS.

My biggest takeaway from this experience is focus on what I wanted and did whatever it took (with ethics and legality) to make it happen. So far we have had 5 Coach Trainings in Vietnam. Our sixth program starts on Sep 29, 2017.


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