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MMS Transformational Executive Coach Training

Your Purpose in Attending the MMS Transformational Executive Coach Training (TECT)

1. You want the best training on earth!

2. You want to become the best coach you can possibility be

3. You discover your ability to coach as your essential self

4. You unblock your potential to serve and support others

5. You develop your authentic self from the inside out

6. You learn the technology of choice

7. You experience a new coaching community instantly

8. You grow your coaching skills and bridge your capabilities to Life Mastery

9. You have experiential & experimental LAB weekends to breakthrough blocks

10. You experience self-confidence and courage to coach your clients

MMS Coach Training is most well known for its ICF (International Coach FederationAccredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) which is offered to the public on three continents.

When a company requests that we train their executives in our MMS coaching approach, they often ask us to customize our MMS Coach Training to accommodate their needs. We are happy to do this and are very experienced at curriculum design, so it is not a problem at all.

If the client wants a 60-hour ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours course (ACSTH), partly in person and partly on webinars so that they can make certain that they get the best training available for their executives, we will take their requests and run it through our system.

We take the essential information: 1) their objectives for the program, 2) the number of people they want to have trained 3) the amount of time that they feel comfortable allotting to the training program, and      4) their budget. We then we customize the program combining the essential ICF Core Competencies, with our special MMS Original Coach Training, along with their specific requests.

To give you an example, the Air National Guard of United States of America wanted to have a group of their senior leaders trained in our MMS coaching method. The participants were traveling from all corners of the United States and it wouldn’t work for them to fly all those leaders to one location every week for 12 weeks.  They therefore requested that we design a program that consisted of a one-week intensive, that occurred three times. Each week consisted of 42 hours of training face-to-face in one location. In between the intensive training weeks the participants practiced their coaching skills, did their reading and writing assignments along with the Virtual Training (MMSVT). The entire program was 126 hours and they all learned how to coach. Chief Dan Quinn said this about the MMS Training for the Air National Guard:

“We introduced the MMS Coach Training process to provide a better means to connect to the members of our organization.  We have tried several attempts to start mentoring programs that focused primarily on the “wisdom” of the mentor.  Different with the MMS process, is the focus on the person being coached and their sough after objectives.  In my experience, much human potential that could contribute to outstanding organizations goes unrealized often gets “trapped” within our people.  Sometimes this is organizationally driven – yet other times it can be due to internal conflict, and personal needs that are not realized. 

The MMS process enables a certified coach to focus on either the professional and personal objective of an individual and envision a desired result that the coachee owns and is responsible for.

Over this past year, it is evident that our team of ten MMS coaches have assisted our mentors, to supervise and lead others better in the performance of their job duties.  In addition, better choices have been made in the areas of job retention, (members choosing to continue service vs. quitting), enhanced relationships that could otherwise effect work productivity, achievement of academic / training pursuits, and overall better focus on both personal and professional life.  

All of our MMS Coach Training graduates would strongly agree that the value we received goes well beyond the tuition paid.

My biggest triumph, however, is that our people know that we care about them individually and through their willingness to utilize the MMS coaching process in the workplace trust has been restored.”

We also custom designed MMS Coach Training for Het Expertize Centrum in the Hague, a company that provides technical support to a a variety of municipalities throughout Holland. Tailored to the technical mind, it enabled them to focus on the skill sets rather than on the personal development.
Another program where we customized our coach training for the corporate environment was with KPMG Thailand. They wanted to create a coaching culture so we made our programs available and appropriate to the accountant mindset. This is what their CEO said about our customization:

“We used Motivation Management Service to help us design and implement programs to help create a coaching culture Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott and Michael Pomije taught coaching skills to the partners and to various levels of management. In addition, they also coached 15 of our high potentials. We were pleased with their collaborative style and with the results that were produced with their guidance. Dr. Chérie is an extremely capable master coach and facilitator who helped our staff become even more effective at the execution of their jobs. Her coaching skills are outstanding! We are very grateful for their help.”

 Kaisri Nuengsigkapian


KPMG Thailand

The next program that we will custom design is an MMS Coach Training for Cigna Corporation. They have requested an ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours Course (ACSTH) of approximately 60 hours. It must be a combination of an intensive 35 hours of face-to-face, followed by weekly webinars. We will customize it so that their needs are met and their expectations are exceeded!
If you find yourself in a corporation like so many others wanting the coaching skills to become part of the every day fabric of conducting business, let us know how we can support you by customizing our program to accommodate your needs. If this concept appeals to you, contact

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