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MMS Virtual Training

MMS Virtual Training is an online subscription program featuring Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott. This engaging training program allows you to listen to short five-minute modules, given by Dr. Chérie directly to you, that are filled with high content and conclude with a short multiple choice quiz.

Each module has a specific purpose and the desired outcome. These trainings teach you to how to focus. Additionally, the modules give you valuable information on topics such as energy, transitions, and connection. Finally, the content tests your ability to comprehend and retain the information in order to support you in growing your competence and capabilities.

Dr. Chérie had been teaching Leadership, Management, Coaching Skills, and Human Development courses since 1974 and these modules are filled with important, valuable, and priceless nuggets of information. If you are in management or aspire to become a manager, you don’t want to miss these tools and techniques that will help you get ahead in your career, become successful, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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There are six subscription packages available.

#1 Package Human Resource Package $49/Month

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott has created this Human Resource package to assist HR departments both large and small in hiring, training, and overseeing the best staff imaginable. This package includes Interviewing Skills, which is 25 minutes long and includes 7 modules, Performance Appraisal, which is 23 minutes long and includes 8 modules, and Diversity Training, which is 33 minutes long and includes 8 modules.

Successful Interviewing Skills will teach you how to feel confident, competent, and qualified to conduct truly effective interviews that yield only the best employees. Performance Appraisal will teach you the best step-by-step approach to giving effective performance appraisals to produce your desired results. Finally, Diversity Training will provide your HR team with the training they need not only in diversity but also inclusion.

These three courses will help facilitate your department in creating a winning and successful team of employees!

#2 Leadership $59/Month

The Leadership Package has been designed specifically by Dr. Chérie to help you become a brilliant leader! This package includes Negaholics™, 23 minutes long and includes six modules, Communication Skills, 27 minutes long and includes ten individual modules, and Diversity Training 33 minutes and includes 8 modules.

With these three courses, you will learn how to communicate with fellow employees, overcome perceived barriers, engage and include all team members, and become successful!

#3 Employee Growth $59/Month

Dr. Chérie’s Employee Growth Courses are perfect for enhancing your skills as an employee, as a tool for human resources to train with, and for refreshing an employee’s skill set.

These four courses: Time Management, Communication Skills, Customer Service, and Consultative Sales Training which is 24 minutes long and includes 7 modules essential for every employee, regardless of where you are on the corporate ladder.

#4 Coach Training $69/Month

Start the process to become an MMS Certified Coach. This is a first step in the process. If you have ever imagined yourself becoming a certified coach, this is the best place to start. Launch your coaching career right here, right now!

Everything you wanted to know about coaching is contained in these 74 modules, in the 12-Course Package. Dr. Cherie’s MMS Virtual Coach Training will move you from thinking about becoming a coach to actually doing it. The program is five hours long and includes 74 modules.

Session 1 Overview of Coaching has 9 modules and is 32 minutes long
Session 2 Your Relationship with Yourself/Core Competencies 5 modules/30 minutes long
Session 3 Feelings and the Coaching Process has 7 modules is 39 minutes long
Session 4 Judgment, Connection, Choices and Decisions has 4 modules/18 minutes long
Session 5 Addiction and Negaholism has 7 modules is 28 minutes long
Session 6 Chakras, Flow, and Energy has 5 modules is 28 minutes long
Session 7 Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has 6 modules is 22 minutes long
Session 8 Sub-Personalities and Mind Dialog has 8 modules is 28 minutes long
Session 9 Transitions, Breakdowns, and Breakthroughs has 7 modules is 22 minutes long
Session 10 Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has 7 modules is 23 minutes long
Session 11 The New Species/The Rules for Being Human has 3 modules is 17 minutes long
Session 12 Continuous Growth has 6 modules is 20 minutes long

#5 Management Development $69/Month

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC has designed these eight Management Development courses to help you become a manager or to become an even better manager. Management Development is comprehensive and includes eight courses in 64 modules (or chapters) to help you educate yourself in your spare time.

#6 Mega Pack $89/Month

If you are on the fence and unable to choose then go for the Mega Package!

Sign up for both Dr. Chérie’s MMS Coach Training and her Management Development Programs.

The cost for this Mega Pack of Professional Development and knowledge is affordable and available to you for an entire year!

Individual Courses

Diversity Training $39/Month   Length: 33 minutes:  8 modules

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott has designed this Diversity Training Course: Formally titled Working in Harmony, this diversity training will help colleagues transcend differences and turn what could be perceived as liabilities into precious assets!

Dr. Chérie will be available to you 24/7 at the time and place that is most convenient and comfortable for you. If you are in management or aspire to become a manager, you don’t want to miss these tools and techniques that will help you get ahead in your career and differentiate you from the competition.

Time Management $39/Month   Length: 30 minutes: 9 total modules

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott has designed Time Management with nine separate modules to help you gain control of your time, your life, and yourself! This course will teach you how to take greater control of your time, your life, and yourself.

Customer Service $39/Month    Length: 33 minutes: 8 total modules

This program will make your life easier, simpler and give you all the information you need to deliver outstanding legendary customer service. Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott has designed Legendary Customer Service with eight separate modules to make your life easier, simpler, and provide you with all the tools necessary to deliver outstanding legendary customer service!

Communication Skills $39/Month Length: 27 minutes:  10 modules

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott has designed Effective Communication Skills, which is 27 minutes long and includes ten individual modules to help you understand why communication sometimes breaks down. Learn how to improve your communication skills in your work and personal life now!

Below is the list of Management Development Courses that Dr. Cherie has already scripted, taped, and formulated the questions and answers to. There are eight total courses with 56 total modules. The playback time is next to each course, the number of modules with a brief description.

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