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MMS Directors

Dr. Cherié Carter-Scott

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D.

Master Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS Director

“The Mother of Coaching” since 1974 Director of Training for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV the Netherlands

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Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., MCC began coaching and training coaches before coaching was a profession. She is the #1 New York Times best selling author of If Life is a Game, These are the Rules, published in 40 countries with over 4 millions copies sold, Transformational Life Coaching (a handbook for coaches), Negaholics: Stop Being Negative and Reclaim Your Happiness, and 14 additional titles.

Dr. Carter-Scott is Executive Producer of Coaching Movie, a feature-length documentary to be released in 2016. For more information on Coaching Movie, visit:

She has been a frequent guest on Oprah and has appeared on numerous international media tours that include: The Today Show, CNN, and dozens of TV, radio, and print interviews. Not only is Dr. Carter-Scott a media-personality who has worked on five continents, in more than 30 countries, she currently trains coaches in Europe, Asia, and North America.

She is a subject matter expert in motivation, self-esteem, customer relations, change management, communication skills, team building, coaching, mentoring, customer service, change management, Negaholics (overcoming negativity), and leadership training.

Her online subscription, offers intense content of 130 modules, presenting 20 online courses available 24/7.

She has been coaching change successfully for over 40 years, individually, in teams, and in Mergers and Acquisitions. Her portfolio of companies: Motivation Management Service Institute, Inc. (MMS), The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV, and Management Coaching Service, LP have reached millions of people worldwide. Some of her Fortune 500 corporate clients include: KPMG, DHL, MGM Resorts, FMC, American Express, IBM, State Farm Insurance, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, and hundreds of others.

Dr. Carter-Scott is a CEO, wife, mother, sister, scuba diver, and an instrument-rated pilot.



Lynn U. Stewart, MCC

Master Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS Director

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Lynn U. Stewart, MCC is the Director of The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV, based in Amsterdam. She not only leads this organization of highly capable team players, she also develops constituencies in other countries. She is a corporate executive coach, a group facilitator, and a workshop leader. Her corporate specialty is Employee Owned Change®; a program designed for organizations who want to initiate functional, affordable, and humanistic transformation that guarantees buy-in at all levels of the organization.

Her passion for personal development manifests in the two-day personal development program, Inner Negotiation Workshop, for which she trains leaders in MMS Master Class in the Netherlands, the US and Asia. Lynn divides her time between training leaders, coaching executives, facilitating MMS Coach Trainings, and designing the future.

Ms. Stewart is an Executive Producer of the Coaching Movie, a full-length documentary on the power of Coaching worldwide. She co-authored Transformational Life Coaching with Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC with is available in both Dutch and English.

Previously Lynn Stewart worked in public relations, interior design, and in elementary education. In her spare time, Lynn enjoys painting, ballroom dancing, fine dining, cultural events, and learning the Dutch language.

Michael Pomije

Michael Pomije, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS Director

Visit his website.

Coach Michael Pomije has been the manager of business expansion for MMS Institute, LLC since 2000. He co-founded Motivation Coaching Service, LTD in Thailand in 2012. His responsibilities have been to negotiate corporate trainings, finalize contracts for training and coaching assignments, facilitate corporate training programs, and coach executives globally. Michael is a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) administrator. He coaches individuals on their profile type that indicates their work preferences, behaviors, and communication style. The MBTI tool is an “added-value” when Coach Michael assists executives in finding their purpose, passion, and power.

As a coach trainer, he trains coaches from the inside out to be authentic. Connection with the client is the most important fundamental of the coaching process. Coaching his clients is managing the gap between the present and the future.

He coaches executives on work, family relations, life balance, discovering their passion, and wellness. Since Michael has been married for over 25 years, one of his favorite coaching topics is creating successful and satisfying relationships.

Michael is an instrument-rated single-engine Pilot and an advanced open water Scuba Diver. He is Executive Producer of the Coaching Movie, a feature length documentary to be released in 2016.

Love the life you live…Mindfully.

MMS Licensees

Caroline WamstekerCaroline Wamsteker, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS ACTP Coach Training leader in the Netherlands

Caroline Wamsteker is an MMS trained Coach, facilitator, and leader since 2008. Together with Wendy van Leusen she has licensed, promoted, produced, and presented the MMS Inner Negotiation Workshops (INW) in the Netherlands. Currently she is leading the MMS Coach Training in the Netherlands (CT).

She facilitated and led more than 25 INW’s in the Netherlands and is launching her training career internationally. She also leads the MMS Master Class and trains MMS future leaders and facilitators.

In her own company she coaches and trains people who want to connect to what they really want in life, and who wish to find ways to turn that into reality. She works instinctively and purposefully, with both feet on the ground, concretely and effectively. Always with a listening ear and respect for whatever it is that moves her clients.

Before finding her inspiration in coaching she worked as an event manager in a Concert and Congress Hall and the Royal Theatre of The Hague. Next to that she is a serial entrepreneur as co-owner of a beach club and a Jazz club.

She lives in Scheveningen (The Hague at sea) with her husband Ed, youngest daughter, dog and cat. She loves reading, walking in nature, connecting with friends, gardening, cooking, and swimming in the sea.


Judit Ábri von Bartheld, MCC

Master Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS ACSTH Coach Trainer, Budapest, Hungary

Judit has worked with leaders for over 25 years supporting them first as a PR consultant, and then as a coach since 2009. She has over 2500 coaching working hours. She received her MA in Professional Practice in Coaching from the Middlesex University, London (UK) in February, 2017.

As PR and communication consultant she advised GE, British Aerospace, Saab International, Stadler Rail, Pfizer, and Lego when they established their organizations in Hungary. As a consultant she supported government relations and internal communications of her international clients in Hungary. As a coach since 2009, she participated in many international leadership development programs and has over 1400 coaching hours with corporate clients. She established her international program, Coaching Without Borders (CHN) in September 2011. Coaching Without Borders brings international coaching experts to Hungary to educate Hungarians who are interested in coaching and leadership development. She has taught at the MBA program of CEU (Central European University), and runs a Leadership Academy jointly with the International Business School in Budapest. Judit has co-written an interview book about international coaches who participated on her program and co-translated and published the book Brilliant Coaching by Julie Starr. Judit was one of the project initiators & leaders of the International Coach Federation’s “I care for” Award winning program: “Coach Up” in March 2015 that was a project aimed at introducing ICF standards of coaching to the corporate world jointly carried out with American Chamber of Commerce Hungary and ICF Chapter Hungary.

Doan Huynh Van Anh

Doan Huynh Van Anh, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS ACSTH Coach Trainer, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Visit her website

Doan Huynh Van Anh is the Co-Founder of Life Coaching Vietnam. She is the first and currently only Vietnamese who is credentialed as a Professional Certified Coach by International Coach Federation (ICF).

Coach Van Anh has 1,600 coaching hours for clients aged 20 – 55 since 2012. Her clients’ expertises range from Entertainment, Education, Finance, IT, Training, HR, and Medicine… who are residing in Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia, Slovakia, Russia, Finland, Germany, UK, Australia and Thailand. She is also certified in training for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DiSC allowing deeper access to self-awareness and social awareness. So far she has conducted MBTI trainings for the public, career training classes and résumé and interview classes.

Since July 2015, she brought an ICF Coach Training program to Vietnam in collaboration with The MMS Institute. She was the co-trainer with another ICF Master Certified Coach (Dr Chérie Carter-Scott, who is Jack Canfield’s coach and teacher). She trained coaching skills for participants who were leaders and specialists, aged 20 – 55 from different backgrounds (HR, Finance, Education, Customer Services and IT). The program has run for the fifth time dated June 2017.

Before moving to full time coaching as a profession, she was in Account Management with the highest level of being an Account Director in Digital Advertising for advertising agencies in Ho Chi Minh City – OgilvyOne Worldwide, Biz Tequila (TBWA Group) and Riverorchid Group. She graduated from National University of Singapore.

She is happily married and would love to partner with clients to achieve work life integrity for themselves. She believes strongly in helping clients for their own self-awareness and self-management to make better decisions for their professional and personal lives.

Manon Swaving-Schraa, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS ACTP Coach Training and Inner Negotiation Workshop leader and Licensee in Singapore

Manon Swaving-Schraa, PCC is an MMS and ICF Certified Coach, trainer and facilitator. Over the last 10 years she has trained and coached over one thousand people from all walks of life. She facilitated and co-lead personal development and awareness programs with groups up to 100 people. With VIStrainingen she designed and delivered over one hundred behavioral & mindset trainings on personal effectiveness, communication, time-management, and leadership trainings for people of all levels within organizations: factory workers, team leaders, and managers. She has worked in various industries at companies including Hitachi, ECT Delta Terminal, Flora Holland, Nestlé Nederland, C1000, Grolsch Brewery, McKinsey and Company, and a number of different local governments and universities in the Netherlands. In addition to her coaching and training experience, she is educated in group dynamics, organizational and family constellations and working with energy and chakras.

Her own company “LivingYourPurpose” is a blend of coaching, workshops, and training coaches. At the MMS Worldwide Institute she has found her professional home where she does what she loves doing most: supporting people in designing and living the life they love, and training them to become brilliant coaches.

Before finding her purpose in training and coaching she worked in sports & event management and marketing. She was responsible for all Unox and Lipton Ice Tea’s brand activation programs at Unilever and has been part of the Organizing Committee of the European Special Olympics in 2000.

She lives in Singapore with her husband Roger and their son and daughter. Music, dance, photography, nature, traveling, and connecting with friends and family make her heart sing.

wendy_van_leusenWendy van Leusen

MMS Coach
MMS Inner Negotiation Workshop Licensee and leader in the Netherlands

Wendy van Leusen is an MMS trained Coach, facilitator, and leader since 2008. She is licensed to promote, produce, and present the MMS Inner Negotiation Workshops (INW) in the Netherlands. Wendy van Leusen is Associate Partner at the Center for Strategy & Leadership, where she focuses on personal and professional coaching and training. She is known for deepening her client’s self-awareness in order to help them to make important choices. Wendy works on the basis of discovering who you are, what you really want, and helps to clarify your next steps. She is leading programs in personal leadership development and transformation of individuals. Wendy also coaches management teams and executives to move to the next level of their leadership.

Wendy holds a Masters degree of the University of Life, studied communication sciences, and has taken management courses at Krauthammer International, as well as coach and facilitator training at the MMS Worldwide Institute.

Wendy has extensive experience in the field of executive education, including designing and executing programs on personal leadership and management skills. She has been with the Boer & Croon Strategy and Management Group for more than 10 years, where she worked as a member of the management team. At this company, she’s been responsible for the development of high potentials and project managers, recruitment, and internal and external communication.

Wendy loves to be on the beach with her little daughter, walk in the woods and mountains, sing ballads and opera, and enjoys travelling through Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Lindsey Taylor, ACC

Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS ACSTH Coach Training and MMS Inner Negotiation Workshop leader in the United StatesLindsey Taylor-11_pp

Lindsey is an insightful, grounded and gifted coach who supports and encourages her clients to find their power, purpose and passion. Using the MMS method of coaching to find the flow between the coach and coachee, she partners to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to go. As a coach, she inspires her clients to dream big and believe they can have it all.

A graduate of the MMS Worldwide Institute in The Netherlands, she now is a licensee and partner of The MMS of Northern California, LLC. teaching and facilitating workshops and coach trainings.

Throughout Lindsey’s career, she has had various ownership and partnership roles as a restaurateur, promotor and consultant. Giving back has always been an essential part of her life. Her background includes co-funding the Taylor Family Foundation, a multi- state charitable organization, as well as, serving on several boards including The Ronald McDonald House.

Most importantly, she is a proud mother of happy and successful adult twin girls. Lindsey lives an abundant and vibrant life with her French husband traveling between their homes in Northern California and Southern France.

Carla Morton, ACC

Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS ACSTH Coach Training and MMS Inner Negotiation Workshop leader in the United StatesScreen Shot 2017-04-17 at 13.57.02

Carla brings 30 years of business and entrepreneurial experience to her coaching practice, where she works with Fortune 500 business leaders and start-up entrepreneurs. She was the founder and CEO of several start-ups including BrandhHabit, a silicon valley funded start- up in the fashion vertical, as well as ASPIRE, a corporate employee wellbeing program.

Carla brings her warmth and humor to the coaching conversation where she considers not only her client’s professional experiences, but also how they navigate the world on an everyday basis—physically, socially and emotionally. Carla has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  She is an ICF Credentialed Professional Coach and is a licensee and partner of The MMS Institute of Northern California where she facilitates workshops and coach training programs.



 Vitawat Kasemvudhi, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS ACSTH Coach Trainer in Bangkok, Thailand

1 Vitawat Kasemvudhi“Creating impacts and results to organizations” is what you can expect from Vitawat. He brings in 2 decades of professional experience working in Multi-National Corporations and Thai large corporations in telecommunications and financial industries. When it comes to change, Vitawat is the person to bridge that gap and make it happen. His passion is to create an organization that’s driven from possibility and empowerment where people are naturally happy and more productive.

Vitawat brings in a globally recognized coaching approach combined with his understanding of businesses and best practice as well. He’s committed and determined in working with his clients in producing the desired results.

Vitawat spent several years working and traveling in the Southeast Asia region. He has worked for Lucent Technology, Telecom Asia, Standard Chartered Bank, Thai Military Bank. His experience lay within the areas of strategy, finance, service and process excellence, project management, and culture building.

Vitawat is Professional Certified Coach with ICF, a facilitator for coach trainings as well as an entrepreneur helping business owners and leaders in organizations grow their management and leadership skill. He loves bringing out people’s potential in both one-on-one engagement and in group environments.

He practices yoga, Tai Chi and meditation regularly.


Somsunee Vidhyameth, ACC

Associate Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS ACSTH Coach Trainer in Bangkok, Thailand

Somsunee has over 20 years of professional experience in strategic human resources management with leading multinationals and Thai corporations in retail, FMCG, technology, insurance and, banking and finance. Her most recent positions include Chief Human Resources Officer, Regional HR Director and Head of Strategy and Organizational Development.

Somsunee started her HR career as a consultant with Korn Ferry Hay Group, which gave her solid fundamentals in all areas of HR from job evaluation, organization design, performance management and talent and leadership development. Years later while with Aon Hewitt, she was leading the Talent, Leadership and Engagement Practice in Thailand and was Program Manager for the global Best Employers Program.

Somsunee is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a certified coach of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Process – Guaranteed & Measurable Leadership Growth. Stakeholder centered and contextual leadership principles form the basis for her current consulting and coaching practices. Her personal passion lies in diversity and women leadership.

Somsunee has a multicultural background, having lived in Canada, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. Her work engagements have also included projects across SEA, Hong Kong, Germany, and Sweden. She is now Co-Founder and Director of A Plus Leadership Co., Ltd.

MMS Faculty

 Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.03.18

Marieke van Paassen, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
MMS ACTP Coach Trainer and manager in the Netherlands






Karin van Grunsven, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Coach Trainer for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV the Netherlands

Karin van Grunsven is an international coach and trainer with The MMS Worldwide Institute. As part of the MMS team, Karin leads MMS Coach Training’s—training future coaches. Her areas of expertise include: personal development, coaching skills, communication, facilitation skills, and mindfulness. She has delivered personal development and coaching skills programs for Schouten en Nelissen in the Netherlands and China for over 10 years, and she is co-designer and co-leader of a program in personal leadership and coaching skills in Poland.

She has worked in both for-profit and non-profit sectors, as well as government institutions. She has trained and coached thousands of managers, team leaders, and experts from banks, ICT sector, government, healthcare institutions, commercial companies, telecom industry, training, accounting, and consulting firms. Prior to her work as coach she was a training manager for Amnesty International and worked 10 years for DHV as a training consultant on World Bank Projects in Africa and Southeast Asia, (Tanzania, Mozambique, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, India and China). She has trained hundreds of training managers and trainers in training management, communication, and facilitation skills.

She is a happy single, aunt, and godmother. Karin makes a point of balancing work with other activities she loves including spending quality time with friends, making music with other music lovers, dancing, enjoying nature while hiking, enjoying arts, studying, reading and writing, traveling to new places, and doing community service. All this adds depth and quality to her work.



Marijke Reiring, PCC

Professional Certified Coach (ICF)

Coach Trainer for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV the Netherlands

Marijke Reiring, is a ‘Business Coach’ who supports management teams, individuals, and organizations in achieving their goals. She is an expert in developing a clear and inspiring business vision and linking this to team member’s behaviors. As a team-coach, she works from the passion of combining business management with the power and energy of people. She knows that trust is the key success factor for teams, since it helps to explore full human potential.

Marijke holds an International MBA and a Master of Arts in Dutch Language and Communication. She is a specialist in Effective Communication, Vision Development, and Personal Development. She holds an accreditation for “Real Drives.” She is a member of the MMS Worldwide Institute team and a speaker for the Avicenna Leadership Academy on vision development and behavioral change.

In her career of over 25 years she has worked with and for various organizations, including: Akzo Nobel, ResQtec, BP, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Thieme Meulenhoff, KPMG, Vomar, Hart&Vaatgroep, Haga Ziekenhuis, Rabo bank, Sara Lee, Abbott Nutrition, Boskalis, Achmea, and Friesland Campina.

In 1999, she followed her passion and started her own company in training and coaching. Previously she took leading positions in managing teams in international business environments. Her last position was Marketing Manager at Sara Lee.

Marijke is happily married and a proud mother of three children. She loves sports and cooking.



Harmen van Dijk

Harmen van Dijk, ACC

Associate Certified Coach (ICF)

Coach Trainer for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV The Netherlands

Harmen van Dijk is an ICF accredited coach (ACC), Manager of the MMS Coach Training in the Netherlands, and owner of Dreamtree Coaching. His areas of expertise are personal development, leadership, executive coaching, intercultural relations as well as team-communication and conflict resolution. As the owner of Dreamtree Coaching he has supported numerous individual clients and groups from the profit and non-profit sector in finding their life’s purpose by taking them into nature with team-building events.

Prior to working with MMS Worldwide Institute, Harmen served as a diplomat for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for over 12 years, serving in The Hague, La Paz, Bolivia and Berlin, Germany. As a manager in Germany, he was responsible for serving over 2500 Dutch companies per year during his tour of duty. He holds a MSc in Dutch and International Law and is fluent in Dutch, English, German, and Spanish and has a good understanding of French.

Harmen is a proud husband and father of two daughters. He is a firm believer in synchronicity and the power of vulnerability. He is a lover of adventure, travelling new and uncharted places, nature, music and arts, and is continuously open to be amazed by life.


Ronald de Haas, ACC

Associate Certified Coach (ICF)

Coach Trainer for The MMS Worldwide Institute, BV The Netherlands

He is a highly skilled consultant with broad experience in driving improvements in a variety of organizations and industries. He is combining a mix of ‘hard and soft skills’ to drive break-through improvements in organizations, teams, and personal development. Ronald coaches individuals to own their choices, own their life, own their work, and own their future. Ronald supports organizations to address a variety of performance, strategic, and operational issues and is experienced in managing supplier relations. He regularly trains teams as part of his projects.

He obtained his Drs in economics from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and his Bachelor in Marketing from the Hogeschool of Amsterdam. He is an MMS certified and ICF Associate Certified Coach, as well as a certified lean six sigma black belt.

Ronald has worked with organizations such as: Philips, Numico, Danone, LeasePlan Corporation, ING Bank, CapGemini, KPMG, Corbion, and Shanks plc. He is fluent in Dutch and English.

Ronald lives in the Netherlands, is married to Asli, and is the proud father of two boys. In his spare time he enjoys running, sailing and watching his sons play soccer.


Reinier TilanusReinier Tilanus

Inner Negotiation Workshop Leader and Masterclass facilitator

Reinier Tilanus has been trained as an MMS coach and facilitator since 2007, facilitating both coach trainings as well as Inner Negotiation Workshops and Journeys to the Next Level in the Netherlands.

He has his own company in (executive) coaching and facilitation since 2007 and is also affiliated with Change Leadership facilitators Aberkyn since 2013. His passion is to connect deeply with clients, both individually as well as in teams, to create insights, unleash passions and find new opportunities that lead to lasting results.

Reinier is a process engineer by training, with almost 20 years of experience in international business up to board level, having worked and lived also in Vietnam and Germany.

He is a trained MMS facilitator and coach, extensively trained in Non Violent Communication with Marshall Rosenberg, family and business constellation work in the methodology of Bert Hellinger and facilitation by Gita Bellin Associates.

He happily lives in Arnhem with his wife Joke and is very active in the Buddhist world in Holland. He loves to play the violin, do retreats, enjoy nature and do (Bikram) yoga.

Jean-Francois Cousin, MCCJean-Francois Cousin

Master Certified Coach (ICF)

Trainer for Motivation Coaching Service, LTD, Bangkok, Thailand

Jean-Francois Cousin became a global executive coach in 2006, in the wake of a management career around the world with a
Fortune-500 company. He is one of the six coaches accredited as a Master Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation
in South East Asia, the highest distinction in the profession.

He has coached over 500 executives working in a great variety of positions, most often on leadership development,
strategic planning, career orientation, work-life balance, and cross-cultural management. His clients hail from over
50 nationalities, and all continents. Jean-Francois regularly coaches executive groups on leadership, strategy,
accountability, collaboration, change management, and staff engagement.

As an executive coach, he is recognized for his tenacious focus on securing meaningful shifts and results for his clients, for his ability to understand quickly the environment and challenges of his coaches (leveraging his previous experience in a variety of operational and functional roles) and for his sensitivity to cultural differences.

Jean-Francois has co-authored two books: Coaching in Asiathe definitive guide to the principles and practices of empowering personal and organisational change in Asia, and Untold stories of Executive Coaching in Thailand; keys to unlock people’s potential. He writes regular columns on Management & Leadership for newspapers and magazines. Jean-Francois is an accredited Extended DISC consultant & trainer, a certified MBTI practitioner, a certified NLP practitioner, a certified Booth 360 feedback coach, and is trained as a ‘Clean Language’ and ‘Emergent Knowledge’ coach. He supervises coaches, is continuously supervised, and spends over 80 hours a year for his development.

Prior to becoming an Executive Coach, he worked 15 years for Lafarge, the ‘world-leader in building materials’. He occupied management positions in manufacturing, marketing, business development, and general management, which took him to the four corners of the globe. His last corporate assignment was Strategy Vice-President for one of the 4 Divisions of Lafarge, where he helped to anchor solid internal and external growth for the 2 b€ business, and coached Managing Directors over 5 continents.

His frequent cross-cultural workshops have been attended by over 500 executives, to-date, and his public speaking engagements have attracted over 3,000 participants. His recently published book Game Changers at the Circus—How Leaders Can Unleash Greatness in Their Organizations (2015), is a handbook for leaders.

Jean-Francois graduated as an engineer in France (Ecole Centrale Paris) and received senior executive education from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, USA. His hobbies include travelling (to over 75 countries) as well as sailing, skiing, reading, and movies–which he uses extensively in his executive coaching practice.

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