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Quality and integrity

Quality and integrity

The MMSWI uses an ethical code for all its participants and trainers


MMSWI has established an ethical code based on the ICF code of ethics. The rules of contact that the MMS coach must adhere to during the contact with the client are set out here.


MMSWI offers participants the opportunity to obtain ICF certification during the MMS Coach Training. The ICF has developed an internationally accepted certification procedure. This means that all coaches certified by ICF meet high standards.

The ICF has 3 levels of certification:

    1. Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
    2. Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
    3. Master Certified Coach (MCC)


Despite all the care that MMS coaches use in their work, it can happen that a client wants to file a complaint. MMSWI has drawn up a complaints procedure to ensure that complaints are handled as objectively as possible. Complaints must be submitted in writing to the MMS office (address) to the Complaints Committee.

If you have questions about the complaints procedure or would like mediation, you can contact the MMS office. A member of the complaints committee will then contact you.

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